NSB Flip Factory’s youth speed and agility class will encompass mobility, conditioning, speed, agility and flexibility. The classes are age appropriate and will benefit any youth athlete looking to improve their performance in or out of their respective sport.  Non-youth athletes will benefit just as much, giving them a base for fitness in a fun and challenging class setting. Classes will be no larger than a 12:1 ratio to ensure that each person gets proper instruction and can be monitored for proper form.


These classes are broken into age groups:


Middle School

High School


1 hour / week (12:1 ratio)


$60 / month

$100 / 2 months






***Ratios are smaller in these classes to ensure the instructor can monitor ALL lifting techniques.

 20% off 2nd and 3rd classes / child.

(386) 690-3001

1674 Tionia Road

New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168