Fit Kids

Fit Kids is the most fun a kid can have while increasing their strength, speed, and flexibility. Fit kids incorporates all the fun of gymnastics equipment such as trampolines, bars, spring boards, ropes, the rock wall, wall bars and much more into a Fun, and constantly changing fitness class. Kids will see noticeable fitness gains while having a ton of fun from week to week!


These classes are broken into two different age groups:

5 – 7 year olds

8 – 10 year olds

1 hour / week (8:1 ratio)

$70 / month




Ninja Warrior Fitness

This class incorporates obstacle courses inspired by the popular  television program: “American Ninja Warrior.” The ninja warriors will work on their overall fitness while climbing the rock wall, a mock warped wall, jumping obstacles, swinging on ropes, and much more!


$70 / month





Girls' Fitness

This class is designed for girls who want to improve their overall fitness levels, which will help them excel at any physical activity they may partake in. Whether they are on the field, court, track, floor, or even water, this class will help them attain an advantage over the competition by using body weight exercises, climbing the rock wall, basic speed and agility drills, and much more!  Get a group of friends together and come challenge yourselves and have a blast while improving your fitness!


$70 / month




For maximum results we encourage children to participate in classes two times per week. Combinations such as gymnastics and a Jump Smart Class or Fit Kids and Tumbling are just two examples of the endless ways to mix and match classes!


20% off 2nd and 3rd class / child.


Annual Registration Fee:  $50 per family. With this fee our NSB Flip Factory members receive an exclusive discount on open gym, birthday parties, special events, and in the pro shop.

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